About ARCHLEO and Partner

architecture - urban planning - interior design - consulting

the synergy of union between Italian professional firms, companies and enterprises for promoting the history and value of the made in italy

turned towards an international development in the urban planning, architectural, constructive, real estate and integrated planning fields

The ARCHLEO firm, represents the synergy of union of different professional firms and companies with an international vocation with the objective of offering advice and expertise in the field of urban planning, architecture, real estate development in a strong vision of integration of skills. ARCHLEO firm strength point is the integrated project-planning intended as a fusion of different criteria and internal and external point of views to the project, in addition to the union of different professionalisms and disciplinary profiles. The ARCHLEO firm whit associates already spread across various parts of the world (Abidjan, Accra, Como, Dakar, Lecco, Milano, Toumodi…) and well established in their own subject area, gaining professional and technical-scientific experience of great excellence. Thanks to this alliance of expertise, the ARCHLEO firm is able to present itself as single interlocutor for everything related to: analysis, urban planning and design of the territory, architectural design, structural design, interior design, digital design and construction of building to use as: civil, commercial, industrial, tourism, health, sport, religious etc. Based on the investors demand, the ARCHLEO firm is able to activate partially or completely every skills required to generate a quality project, in a logic “from the Brief of the project to the final testing”. The market, to which the ARCHLEO firm addresses to, is the one of the public and private contracts, in Italy and in the world, where the entries of urbanization, architecture, building, construction and Master Plan are present. The ARCHLEO firm aims to quickly become a reference point for large construction enterprises, main contractors, multinational companies of real estate and developers, institutional investors and public administration.

architect founder

Fabio Bonanomi project manager

born in Lecco, Italy - August 30, 1962;

Degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan;

Diploma State exam the Polytechnic of Milan;

Member of the Order of Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, Conservators of the Province of Lecco in the n. 343;



urban planning - architectural design - direction of the works - international projects - planification projects in AFRICA - interiror design - 3D modeling

- Founding member of Association of Young Architects Group province of Lecco (November 1998);

- Adviser Association of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists province of Lecco (1999-2001);

- President of the Association of Young Architects Group of the province of Lecco (1999-2001);

- Responsible commission Territory Environment Urban Landscape Architects Order P.P.C. Lecco (1999-2001);

- Delegate the Order of Architects P.P.C. Lecco, the Lombardy Regional Orders of Architects for the commission Territory Urban Landscape                   Environment (1999-2001);

- Adviser, Association of Young Architects of the prov. Lecco (2001-2003);

- Member, the Commission Parcelle Order Architects P.P.C. the prov. Lecco  (2005-2007);

- Coordinator Committee PERMANENT FORMATION, Order of Architects P.P.C. the province of Lecco (2005 al 2009);

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